Specializing in Stage 1 to 4 Archaeological Consulting
Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Culture


Peterborough Stage 2

Peterborough - Stage 2 Site Monitoring

In this Peterborough parking lot Northeastern provided Ministry of Culture standards monitoring to ensure that no historical building remains were damaged. After this process our client was swiftly able to gain clearance, allowing their project to continue.

Oshawa Stage 2 and  3

Oshawa - Stages 2 and 3

The majority of the Stage 2 on this Oshawa site was assessed using pededtrian survey on the well ploughed agricultural lands (see left photo). During this process a number of historic and prehistoric artifacts were found. These finds warranted a Stage 3 assessment involving the excavation of a series of 1m X 1m squares dug on and around the artifact locations (see right photo). After Northeastern recovered a large sampling of artifacts the subject property was cleared and our client was able to continue with their project.

Stage 4 in Bowmanville

Bowmanville - Stage 4

A Stage 4 excavation of this culturally sensitive site took place to uncover the remains of a historical mill and safely removed all artifacts.

Frankford Stage 4

Frankford - Stage 4

This prehistoric site was hand-excavated removing all cultural material, thus allowing our client complete clearance.