Specializing in Stage 1 to 4 Archaeological Consulting
Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Culture
* Incorporated on August 24, 2009



Northeastern Archaeological Associates was formed in 1987 and has continuously held archaeological consulting licences in the province of Ontario. Director of the Company is Dr. Lawrence Jackson who has worked in Ontario archaeology since 1974. Northeastern has carried out more than 1,000 consulting projects and has always secured clearance for its clients.

Dr. Jackson (Licence #P-025) did his Master's degree in archaeology at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario and his doctoral training in Dallas, Texas. He has published extensively on the prehistory of Ontario and is currently an adjunct assistant professor at Trent University. Apart from archaeological consulting projects, his archaeological specialties include the late glacial period in Canada and the Mayan occupation of Central America. He has written, The Sandy Ridge and Halstead Sites (University of Michigan press); and has edited and contributed to, Caribou and Reindeer Hunters of the Northern Hemisphere (Avebury Press - Worldwide Archaeology Series), and The Late Palaeo-Indian Great Lakes (Canadian Museum of Civilization).

Donna Morrison (Licence #P-121) acts as Project Director for the company. She received her B.A. in Archaeology at Trent University. Donna is a graduate of the M.A. program at Simon Fraser University with focus on lithic technology. She has directed more than 150 projects for Northeastern.

Daniel Smith (R1216) is a licenced field director recently graduated from the M.A. program at Trent University. He has field directed more than 60 archaeological projects for Northeastern. His graduate thesis focused on the application of radiocarbon dating in southern Ontario archaeology.

Jace Bazeley (R1279) is also a licenced field director recently graduated from the M.A. program at Trent University. Jace's graduate thesis focused on underwater archaeology in the Kawartha Lakes region.

Justin Tighe (R421) is a part-time licenced field director currently in the M.A. program at Trent University. He has previously field directed more than 200 field projects for Northeastern. His thesis work also involves underwater archaeology in Ontario.